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Part No. 1N6006DUR-1 1N6014DUR-1 1N6029AUR-1 1N6029B-1 1N6011AUR-1 1N6009CUR-1 1N6014AUR-1 1N6005DUR-1 1N6007B-1 1N6002AUR-1 1N6027AUR-1 1N5987AUR-1 1N6017DUR-1 1N5988CUR-1 1N5986A-1 1N5986AUR-1 1N6013AUR-1 1N6003CUR-1 1N6001DUR-1 1N6005CUR-1 1N6000AUR-1 1N6000B-1 1N6000CUR-1 1N6000DUR-1 1N6004CUR-1 1N6017AUR-1 1N6018AUR-1 1N6004DUR-1 1N5992AUR-1 1N5992B-1 1N5993A-1 1N5993CUR-1 1N5996AUR-1 1N5988AUR-1 1N6019AUR-1 1N5998AUR-1 1N5998B-1 1N5993AUR-1 1N6026AUR-1 1N5987CUR-1 1N5994B-1 1N6006CUR-1 1N6011B-1 1N5991B-1 1N5994A-1 1N5994AUR-1 1N5989B-1 1N6007AUR-1 1N6007DUR-1 1N5999AUR-1 1N6001CUR-1 1N5994CUR-1 1N6002B-1 1N5998DUR-1 CDS1N5998DUR-1 1N5986CUR-1 1N6008DUR-1 1N6009AUR-1 1N6004B-1 1N5986DUR-1 1N6004AUR-1 1N5991DUR-1 1N6003DUR-1 1N5995DUR-1 1N5990B-1 1N6009DUR-1 1N5999DUR-1 1N6007CUR-1 1N5988DUR-1 1N5999CUR-1 1N5989AUR-1 1N5995A-1 1N5995AUR-1 1N5996DUR-1 CDS1N5996DUR-1 1N5992DUR-1 1N5993DUR-1 1N6008B-1 1N5995CUR-1 1N5998CUR-1 1N5994DUR-1 1N5991AUR-1 1N5993B-1 1N5987DUR-1 1N6006AUR-1 1N6016AUR-1 1N5995B-1 1N6009B-1
Description Zener Voltage Regulator Diode

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Part No. 1N6003BUR-1E3 1N6006DUR-1E3 1N6014DUR-1E3 1N6029AUR-1E3 1N6009CUR-1E3 1N6014AUR-1E3 1N6005DUR-1E3 1N6007BUR-1E3 1N6002AUR-1E3 1N6027AUR-1E3 1N977D-1 1N977D-1E3 1N6017DUR-1E3 1N975D-1 1N975D-1E3 1N988C-1 1N5988CUR-1E3 1N5986AUR-1E3 1N965C-1 1N965C-1E3 1N6013AUR-1E3 1N6013BUR-1E3 1N6001DUR-1E3 1N6001BUR-1E3 1N6005CUR-1E3 1N6000AUR-1E3 1N6000BUR-1E3 1N6000CUR-1E3 1N6000DUR-1E3 1N6004CUR-1E3 1N973D-1E3 1N6018AUR-1E3 1N976D-1 1N6004DUR-1E3 1N5992AUR-1E3 1N5992BUR-1E3 1N974D-1 1N974D-1E3 1N974C-1 1N974C-1E3 1N5993CUR-1E3 1N5996AUR-1E3 1N5988AUR-1E3 1N6019AUR-1E3 1N989C-1E3 1N5998AUR-1E3 1N984C-1 1N984C-1E3 1N5989DUR-1E3 1N989D-1 1N989D-1E3 1N5993AUR-1E3 1N969C-1E3 1N978D-1E3 1N987C-1 1N987C-1E3 1N5994BUR-1E3 1N973C-1 1N973C-1E3 1N6013DUR-1E3 1N6008AUR-1E3 1N991B-1E3 1N5991BUR-1E3 1N966C-1 1N966C-1E3 1N5994AUR-1E3 1N979D-1 1N979D-1E3 1N5989BUR-1E3 1N989B-1E3 1N6007AUR-1E3 1N6007DUR-1E3 1N5999AUR-1E3 1N6001CUR-1E3 1N6005BUR-1E3 1N966D-1 1N966D-1E3 1N5994CUR-1E3 1N976C-1 1N976C-1E3 1N965D-1E3 1N6002BUR-1E3 1N981C-1 1N981C-1E3 1N5998DUR-1E3 1N5986CUR-1E3 1N986C-1 1N986C-1E3 1N6008DUR-1E3 1N6009AUR-1E3 1N6004BUR-1E3 1N5986DUR-1E3 1N986D-1E3 1N6003AUR-1E3 1N6004AUR-1E3 1N5991DUR-1E3 1N991D-1 1
Description Zener Voltage Regulator Diode

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For 1N6005 Found Datasheets File :: 12+       Page :: | 1 | <2> |   

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Part: 1N60
Maker: ST
Pack: TO-251
Stock: Reserved
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    50: $0.12
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1000: $0.11


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