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    KEMET[Kemet Corporation]
Part No. C1632C82312RAC C1632C10012GAC C1632C10112GAC C1632C10212RAC C1632C10312RAC C1632C10412RAC C1632C12012GAC C1632C12112GAC C1632C12212RAC C1632C12312RAC C1632C15012GAC C1632C15112GAC C1632C15212RAC C1632C15312RAC C1632C18012GAC C1632C18112GAC C1632C18212RAC C1632C18312RAC C1632C22012GAC C1632C22112GAC C1632C22212RAC C1632C22312RAC C1632C27012GAC C1632C27112GAC C1632C27212RAC C1632C27312RAC C1632C33012GAC C1632C33112GAC C1632C33112RAC C1632C33212RAC C1632C33312RAC C1632C39012GAC C1632C39112GAC C1632C39112RAC C1632C39212RAC C1632C39312RAC C1632C47012GAC C1632C47112GAC C1632C47112RAC C1632C47212RAC C1632C47312RAC C1632C56012GAC C1632C56112RAC C1632C56212RAC C1632C56312RAC C1632C68012GAC C1632C68112RAC C1632C68212RAC C1632C68312RAC C1632C82012GAC C1632C82112RAC C1632C82212RAC C1632C393RAC C1632C392RAC C1632C681RAC C1632C471RAC C1632C182RAC C1632C391RAC C1632C103K8GAC C1632C183RAC C1632C152RAC C1632C333RAC C1632C332RAC C1632C153RAC C1632C472RAC C1632C102RAC C1632C103K4GAC C1632C682RAC C1632C103K3GAC C1632C103K3RAC C1632C103K4RAC C1632C103K5GAC C1632C103K5RAC C1632C103K8RAC C1632C103M3GAC C1632C103M3RAC C1632C103M4GAC C1632C103M4RAC C1632C103M5GAC C1632C103M8GAC C1632C103M8RAC C1632C103RAC
Four individual capacitors inside one 1206 monolithic structure

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    C0805P821K1X4C C0805N10031G4C C0805N10131G4C C0805N10231X4C C0805N10931G4C C0805N11031G4C C0805N11131G4C C0805N11931G4C

KEMET[Kemet Corporation]
Part No. C0805P821K1X4C C0805N10031G4C C0805N10131G4C C0805N10231X4C C0805N10931G4C C0805N11031G4C C0805N11131G4C C0805N11931G4C C0805N12031G4C C0805N12131G4C C0805N12231X4C C0805N12931G4C C0805N13031G4C C0805N13131G4C C0805N13931G4C C0805N15031G4C C0805N15131G4C C0805N15231X4C C0805N15931G4C C0805N16031G4C C0805N16131G4C C0805N16931G4C C0805N18031G4C C0805N18131G4C C0805N18231X4C C0805N18931G4C C0805N20031G4C C0805N20131G4C C0805N20931G4C C0805N22031G4C C0805N22131G4C C0805N22231X4C C0805N22931G4C C0805N24031G4C C0805N24131G4C C0805N24931G4C C0805N27031G4C C0805N27131G4C C0805N27231X4C C0805N27931G4C C0805N30031G4C C0805N30131G4C C0805N30931G4C C0805N33031G4C C0805N33131G4C C0805N33231X4C C0805N33931G4C C0805N36031G4C C0805N36131G4C C0805N36931G4C C0805N39031G4C C0805N39131G4C C0805N39231X4C C0805N39931G4C C0805N43031G4C C0805N43131G4C C0805N43931G4C C0805N47031G4C C0805N47131G4C C0805N47131X4C C0805N47231X4C C0805N47931G4C C0805N51031G4C C0805N51931G4C C0805N56031G4C C0805N56131X4C C0805N56931G4C C0805N62031G4C C0805N62931G4C C0805N68031G4C C0805N68131X4C C0805N68931G4C C0805N75031G4C C0805N75931G4C C0805N82031G4C C0805N82131X4C C0805N82931G4C C0805N91031G4C C0805N91931G4C C0805P10031G4C

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For 32C333 Found Datasheets File :: 2+       Page :: | <1> |   

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