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    CTS[CTS Corporation]
Part No. P115JT300C100A1 P115JT300C101A1 P115JT300C101B1 P115JT300C102B1 P115JT300C501D1 115 115GE300C100A1 115GE300C100B1 115GE300C100D1 115GE300C101A1 115GE300C101B1 115GE300C101D1 115GE300C102A1 115GE300C102B1 115GE300C102D1 115GE300C500A1 115GE300C500B1 115GE300C500D1 115GE300C501A1 115GE300C501B1 115GE300C501D1 115GP300C100A1 115GP300C100B1 115GP300C100D1 115GP300C101A1 115GP300C101B1 115GP300C101D1 115GP300C102A1 115GP300C102B1 115GP300C102D1 115GP300C500A1 115GP300C500B1 115GP300C500D1 115GP300C501A1 115GP300C501B1 115GP300C501D1 115GR300C100A1 115GR300C100B1 115GR300C100D1 115GR300C101A1 115GR300C101B1 115GR300C101D1 115GR300C102A1 115GR300C102B1 115GR300C102D1 115GR300C500A1 115GR300C500B1 115GR300C500D1 115GR300C501A1 115GR300C501B1 115GR300C501D1 115GT300C100A1 115GT300C100B1 115GT300C100D1 115GT300C101A1 115GT300C101B1 115GT300C101D1 115GT300C102A1 115GT300C102B1 115GT300C102D1 115GT300C500A1 115GT300C500B1 115GT300C500D1 115GT300C501A1 115GT300C501B1 115GT300C501D1 115JE300C100A1 115JE300C100B1 115JE300C100D1 115JE300C101A1 115JE300C101B1 115JE300C101D1 115JE300C102A1 115JE300C102B1 115JE300C102D1 115JE300C500A1 115JE300C500B1 115JE300C501A1 115JE300C501B1 115JE300C501D1 115JP3
Description Commercial 3/4 (19.05mm) diameter, 2 watt variable resistor

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Texas Instruments

Part No. LM3S9B95-IQC100-B1
Description Stellaris Microcontroller 100-LQFP
Tech specs    

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    SNPO471C050T2 SZ5U471C050T1 SZ5U471C050T0 SZ5U471C050T2 SX7R471C050T0 SX7R471C050T1 SX7R471C050T2 SNPO471C050T0 SNPO471C

Sharma Electro Components,I...
SHARMA[Sharma Electro Components,Inc]
Sharma Electro Componen...
Part No. SNPO471C050T2 SZ5U471C050T1 SZ5U471C050T0 SZ5U471C050T2 SX7R471C050T0 SX7R471C050T1 SX7R471C050T2 SNPO471C050T0 SNPO471C050T1 SNPO471J050T2 SZ5U471K200T2 SNPO1R5C006B0 SNPO1R5C006B1 SNPO1R5C006B2 SNPO1R5C006T0 SNPO1R5C006T1 SNPO1R5C006T2 SNPO1R5C010B0 SNPO1R5C010B1 SNPO1R5C010B2 SNPO1R5C010T0 SNPO1R5C010T1 SNPO1R5C010T2 SNPO1R5C015B0 SNPO1R5C015B1 SNPO1R5C015B2 SNPO1R5C015T0 SNPO1R5C015T1 SNPO1R5C015T2 SNPO1R5C025B0 SNPO1R5C025B1 SNPO1R5C025B2 SNPO1R5C025T0 SNPO1R5C025T1 SNPO1R5C025T2 SNPO1R5C050B0 SNPO1R5C050B1 SNPO1R5C050B2 SNPO1R5C050T0 SNPO1R5C050T1 SNPO1R5C050T2 SNPO1R5C100B0 SNPO1R5C100B1 SNPO1R5C100B2 SNPO1R5C100T0 SNPO1R5C100T1 SNPO1R5C100T2 SNPO1R5C200B0 SNPO1R5C200B1 SNPO1R5C200B2 SNPO1R5C200T0 SNPO1R5C200T1 SNPO1R5C200T2 SNPO1R5D006B0 SNPO1R5D006B1 SNPO1R5D006B2 SNPO1R5D006T0 SNPO1R5D006T1 SNPO1R5D006T2 SNPO1R5D010B0 SNPO1R5D010B1 SNPO1R5D010B2 SNPO1R5D010T0 SNPO1R5D010T1 SNPO1R5D010T2 SNPO1R5D015B0 SNPO1R5D015B1 SNPO1R5D015B2 SNPO1R5D015T0 SNPO1R5D015T1 SNPO1R5D015T2 SNPO1R5D025B0 SNPO1R5D025B1 SNPO1R5D025B2 SNPO1R5D025T0 SNPO1R5D025T1 SNPO1R5D025T2 SNPO1R5D050B0 SNPO1R5D050B1 SNPO1R5D050B2 SNPO1R5D050T0 SNPO1R5D050T1 SNPO1R5D050T2 SNPO1R5D100B0 SNPO1R5D100B1 SNPO1R5D10
Description Sharma Ceramic Capacitors

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Part: C1008
Maker: NEC
Pack: CAN3
Stock: 294
Unit price for :
    50: $6.65
  100: $6.31
1000: $5.98


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