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    B32560 B32561 B32562 B32563 B32564 B32560-J3104-J B32561-J3104-J B32560-J3104-K B32561-J3104-K B32560-J3104-M B32561-J31

Siemens Semiconductor Group
Part No. B32560 B32561 B32562 B32563 B32564 B32560-J3104-J B32561-J3104-J B32560-J3104-K B32561-J3104-K B32560-J3104-M B32561-J3104-M B32560-J6222-J B32560-J6222-K B32560-J6222-M B32560-J6104-J B32561-J6104-J B32562-J6104-J B32560-J6104-K B32561-J6104-K B32562-J6104-K B32560-J6104-M B32561-J6104-M B32562-J6104-M B32564J1106 B32564J1106J B32564J1106K B32564J1106M B32564J1156 B32564J1156J B32564J1156K B32564J1156M B32564J1226 B32564J1226J B32564J1226K B32564J1226M B32564J1336 B32564J1336J B32564J1336K B32564J1336M B32564J1475 B32564J1475J B32564J1475K B32564J1475M B32564J1685 B32564J1685J B32564J1685K B32564J1685M B32564J3105 B32564J3105J B32564J3105K B32564J3105M B32564J3106 B32564J3106J B32564-J1106-J B32564-J1106-K B32564-J1106-M B32564-J1156-J B32564-J1156-K B32564-J1156-M B32564-J1226-J B32564-J1226-K B32564-J1226-M B32564-J1336-J B32564-J1336-K B32564-J1336-M B32564-J1475-J B32564-J1475-K B32564-J1475-M B32564-J1685-J B32564-J1685-K B32564-J1685-M B32564-J3105-J B32564-J3105-K B32564-J3105-M B32564-J3106-J B32564-J3106-K B32564-J3106-M B32564-J3155-J B32564-J3155-K B32564-J3155-M B32564-J3225-J B32562-J3105-J B32562-J3105-K B32562-J3105-M B32561-J3224-J B32561-J3224-K B32561-J3224-M B32
Description Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors (MKT) Uncoated (Silver Caps)

File Size 458.88K  /  16 Page

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For J1156J Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: J11.3300.01
Pack: SOP16
Stock: 26
Unit price for :
    50: $1.20
  100: $1.14
1000: $1.08


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