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    KEMET[Kemet Corporation]
Part No. C0805L475K9PAC C0805S273M5RAC C0402S103J1RAC C0402S103J2RAC C0402S103J3RAC C0402S103J4RAC C0402S103J5RAC C0402S103K1RAC C0402S103K2RAC C0402S103K3RAC C0402S103K4RAC C0402S103K5RAC C0402S103M1RAC C0402S103M2RAC C0402S103M3RAC C0402S103M4RAC C0402S103M5RAC C0402S123J1RAC C0402S123J2RAC C0402S123J3RAC C0402S123J4RAC C0402S123J5RAC C0402S123K1RAC C0402S123K2RAC C0402S123K3RAC C0402S123K4RAC C0402S123K5RAC C0402S123M1RAC C0402S123M2RAC C0402S123M3RAC C0402S123M4RAC C0402S123M5RAC C0402S151J1RAC C0402S151J2RAC C0402S151J3RAC C0402S151J4RAC C0402S151J5RAC C0402S151K1RAC C0402S151K2RAC C0402S151K4RAC C0402S151M1RAC C0402S151M2RAC C0402S181K1RAC C0402S181K2RAC C0402S181K3RAC C0402S223J3RAC C0402S223J4RAC C0402S223K1RAC C0402S223K2RAC C0402S223K3RAC C0402S223K4RAC C0402S223K5RAC C0402S223M1RAC C0402S223M2RAC C0402S223M3RAC C0402S223M5RAC C0402S272J1RAC C0402S272J2RAC C0402S272J3RAC C0402S272K5RAC C0402S272M1RAC C0402S272M2RAC C0402S272M3RAC C0402S272M4RAC C0402S272M5RAC C0402S273K4RAC C0402S273K5RAC C0402S273M1RAC C0402S273M2RAC C0402S273M3RAC C0402S273M4RAC C0402S273M5RAC C0603S103J1RAC C0603S103J2RAC C0603S103J3RAC C0603S103J4RAC C0603S103J5RAC C0603S103K1RAC C0603S103K2RAC C0603S103K3RAC
Description Surface Mount Ceramic Chip Capacitors - Low Profile Series - X5R Dielectric
Fail-Safe Floating Electrode MLCC / FE-CAP / X7R Dielectric

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For S151K1RA Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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