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Texas Instruments

Part No. SN74LS93 SN5492A SN5490A SN74LS92 SN7490A SN7493A SN7492A SN54LS90 SN74LS90 SN54LS93 JM38510/31501BCA JM38510/31502BCA SN7490AN SN7492AN SN7493AN SN74LS90D SN74LS90DR SN74LS90N SN74LS92D SN74LS92N SN74LS92N3 SN74LS93D SN74LS93N SN74LS93N3 SNJ54LS90J SNJ54LS93J SNJ54LS93W SNJ5490AJ SNJ5490AW SNJ5492AJ SNJ5492AW SN54LS90J SN54LS93J SN5490AJ SN5492AJ SN74LS92NSR JM38510/31502BDA 7603201CA 7700101CA 7700101DA SN74LS90DE4 SN74LS90NE4 SN74LS93NE4 SN74LS92NE4 SN74LS90DG4 SN74LS90DRG4 SN74LS92DG4 SN74LS93DG4 SN74LS90-W M38510/31501BCA M38510/31502BCA M38510/31502BDA
Description Decade, Divide-by-Twelve And Binary Counters (Rev. A)
Release Date 03/01/1988  

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Texas Instruments

Part No. SN7490AN
Description Asynchronous decade counters 14-PDIP 0 to 70
Tech specs    

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For SN7490 Found Datasheets File :: 2+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: SN7490AN
Maker: TI(德州仪器)
Pack: DIP
Stock: 90
Unit price for :
    50: $1.75
  100: $1.67
1000: $1.58



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