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    DM74LS503 DM74LS503N

FAIRCHILD[Fairchild Semiconductor]
Part No. DM74LS503 DM74LS503N
Description 8-Bit Successive Approximation Register (with Expansion Control)

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    Rochester Electronics, LLC
Part No. 74LS247PC 74LS279PC 74LS393PC 74LS365PC 74LS290PC 74LS367APC 74LS377SC 74LS377PC 74LS377DC 74LS244SC 74LS245PC 74LS365ASC 74LS40PC 74LS266PC 74LS248PC 74LS503SC
Description S-R-Type Latch
Asynchronous Up/Down Counter
Asynchronous Up Counter
2-Bit/4-Bit Buffer/Driver
Octal D-Type Flip-Flop
Dual 4-Bit Non-Inverting Buffer/Driver
Single 8-bit Bus Transceiver
6-Bit Buffer/Driver
Dual 4-input NAND Gate
Quad 2-input Exclusive NOR (XNOR) Gate 输入异或非(异或非)
Decoder/Driver 解码驱动
Successive-Approximation Register 逐次逼近寄存

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For 74LS50 Found Datasheets File :: 2+       Page :: | <1> |   

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