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    XC62FP XC62FP3001LB XC62FP3001LH XC62FP3001LL XC62FP3001LR XC62FP3001MB XC62FP3001MH XC62FP3001ML XC62FP3001MR XC62FP300

Samtec, Inc.
Torex Semiconductor, Ltd.
TOREX[Torex Semiconductor]
Part No. XC62FP XC62FP3001LB XC62FP3001LH XC62FP3001LL XC62FP3001LR XC62FP3001MB XC62FP3001MH XC62FP3001ML XC62FP3001MR XC62FP3001PB XC62FP3001PH XC62FP3001PL XC62FP3001PR XC62FP3001TB XC62FP3001TH XC62FP3001TL XC62FP3001TR XC62FP3002LB XC62FP3002LH XC62FP3002LL XC62FP3002LR XC62FP3002MB XC62FP3002MH XC62FP3002ML XC62FP3002MR XC62FP3002PB XC62FP3002PH XC62FP3002PL XC62FP3002PR XC62FP3002TB XC62FP3002TH XC62FP3002TL XC62FP3002TR XC62FP3302TH XC62FP5001LB XC62FP5001LH XC62FP5001LL XC62FP5001LR XC62FP5001MB XC62FP5001MH XC62FP5001ML XC62FP5001MR XC62FP5001PB XC62FP5001PH XC62FP5001PL XC62FP5001PR XC62FP5001TB XC62FP5001TH XC62FP5001TL XC62FP5001TR XC62FP5002LB XC62FP5002LH XC62FP5002LL XC62FP5002LR XC62FP5002MB XC62FP5002MH XC62FP5002ML XC62FP5002MR XC62FP5002PB XC62FP5002PH XC62FP5002PL XC62FP5002PR XC62FP5002TB XC62FP5002TH XC62FP5002TL XC62FP5002TR XC62FP3302 XC62FP3702 XC62FP2701LB XC62FP2701LH XC62FP2701LL XC62FP2701LR XC62FP2801TR XC62FP4301TB XC62FP4301TH XC62FP4301TL XC62FP4301TR XC62FP5301TB XC62FP5301TH XC62FP2202PB XC62FP2202PH XC62FP2202PL XC62FP2202PR XC62FP2202TB XC62FP2202TH XC62FP2202TL XC62FP2202TR XC62FP3302MR XC62FP3302PR XC62FP2402MR XC62FP1501LB XC62FP1501LL XC62FP1501LR X
Description KPT 19C 19#20 SKT PLUG
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor; Capacitor Type:Low ESR; Voltage Rating:4VDC; Capacitor Dielectric Material:Aluminum Organic; Operating Temperature Range:-55 C to 125 C; Capacitance:120uF; Capacitance Tolerance: /- 20% RoHS Compliant: Yes 正电压调节器
100 PF 5% 200V COG RADIAL CERAMIC CAP 正电压调节器
CAP 68UF 6V 20% ALUM SMD-7343-20 TR-13-PL LOWESR-28 正电压调节器
Circular Connector; No. of Contacts:24; Series:MS27467; Body Material:Aluminum; Connecting Termination:Crimp; Connector Shell Size:25; Circular Contact Gender:Pin; Circular Shell Style:Straight Plug; Insert Arrangement:25-24
   Positive Voltage Regulators

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For FP2601PL Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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