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    Socay Electornics Co., Ltd.
Socay Electornics Co., ...
Part No. P6SMB30CA P4SMA380A P4SMA380CA SMDJ75A 5.0SMDJ75A SMDJ70A 5.0SMDJ70A SMDJ70C SMDJ6.0A SMDJ6.0C SMDJ6.0CA SMDJ6.5 SMF6.0A LCE85A UNI 5.0SMDJ350A KA-020 SACB7.0 SACB8.0 KB-200 KB-240 KD-012 KD-015 KD-025 KD-030 KD-020 SMDJ170CA SMDJ160CA P6KE520A SMDJ17CA P6KE380C P6KE380A P6KE600 P6SMB500CA P6SMB500A P6KE500 SMDJ64CA 5.0SMDJ200A SMDJ130CA P4SMA500A SMDJ110 SAC30 SMDJ200CA 5.0SMDJ200CA SA20C P4SMA600A P4SMA600CA 3KP140 SMDJ220A KD-076 KD-042 KD-058 KD-066 P6KE68C P6KE62C 15KPA100CA 15KPA100A 15KPA78A SACB5.0 P6SMB400A KB-058 KB-066 KB-100 KB-015 KB-020 KB-076 KB-133 KB-012 KB-170 1.5KE600CA P6KE36C 30KPA30A 30KPA36A 30KPA260CA 30KPA216A 30KPA216CA P6KE39C 30KPA58A 30KPA51CA 30KPA102A 30KPA43A 30KPA43CA 30KPA84A P6KE500CA 30KPA96A 30KPA132CA 30KPA102CA P6KE500A 30KPA160CA 30KPA180CA 30KPA66CA P6KE33C P6KE82C P6KE20CA 1.5SMC600A 1.5SMC600CA 15KPA110A P6SMB550A SMDJ60A 1.5SMC24A SAC18 SACB36 P6KE600C SMDJ400A SMDJ400CA 5.0SMDJ400CA 5.0SMDJ400A P6KE380CA SA190 P6KE520CA 1.5SMC380A 1.5SMC380CA 5.0SMDJ300A 20KPA256A 20KPA256CA SACB8.5 SMDJ9.0A 1.5SMC24CA SMF28A SMDJ440CA 5.0SMDJ440A 1.5SMC16CA SA190A SA190C SA180 SA190CA SAC8.0 P6SMB350A P6SMB440A P6SMB200CA SA7.0 SMF120A 30KPA270CA 5.0SMD
Description Surface Mount Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS)
   Surface Mount Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS)

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    SAC12 SAC10 1.5SMC400A SAC8.0 1.5SMC440A AK10-190C AK10-240C AK10-058C AK10-170C P6SMB68A P6SMB27A P6SMB440A 1.5SMC300A

Part No. SAC12 SAC10 1.5SMC400A SAC8.0 1.5SMC440A AK10-190C AK10-240C AK10-058C AK10-170C P6SMB68A P6SMB27A P6SMB440A 1.5SMC300A SACB22 P4SMA180A SLD24U-017 LCE9.0A SMDJ9.0A SMDJ90A 1.5SMC47A SMDJ100A SMDJ10A SMDJ110A SMDJ11A AK10-380C P4SMA8.2A SMDJ75A SMDJ36A SMDJ7.0A SMDJ7.5A SMDJ70A P4SMA56A 3KP8.0A SACB10 SACB12 SACB15 SACB18 1KSMB120A 1KSMB12A 1KSMB150A 1KSMB100A 1KSMB10A 1KSMB110A 1KSMB13A 1KSMB15A 1KSMB11A SMBJ200A 1.5SMC170A AK6-380C 1.5KE540A P4SMA68A SAC8.5 SACB7.0 20KPA72A 1.5SMC100A SLD10U-017 AK10-430C 5.0SMDJ30A SMDJ33A SMDJ40A 5.0SMDJ40A 1.5SMC530A SMDJ22A 5.0SMDJ22A AK6-058C AK6-076C AK6-170C AK6-190C P6SMB150A 1.5SMC62A 1.5SMC91A 1.5SMC130A P4SMA75A P4KE530A P6KE530A 1.5KE530A 5.0SMDJ100A SAC30 P4SMA300A 5.0SMDJ33A SMDJ45A 5.0SMDJ45A AK6-430C 5.0SMDJ75A SMDJ5.0A 5.0SMDJ51A LCE6.5A 1.5KE510A 1.5SMC160A 1.5SMC180A 1.5SMC8.2A 1KSMB56A 1KSMB51A 30KPA45A 15KPA45A P4SMA160A 30KPA150A 15KPA150A 1.5SMC9.1A 1.5SMC540A P6SMB300A 15KPA160A LCE10A P6SMB91A 1KSMB91A 5.0SMDJ20A P4SMA550A 3KP6.0A P4SMA480A 30KPA102A 1.5SMC250A LCE8.0A P6SMB250A SAC18 20KPA52A 20KPA56A 1.5SMC510A SMAJ350A P4SMA33A SMAJ180A 5.0SMDJ14A 15KPA130A SMDJ6.5A 5.0SMDJ60A P4SMA510A P6SMB350A SACB8.5 SACB8.0 P6SMB4
Description TVS Diode Products
   TVS Diode Products

File Size 2,376.73K  /  146 Page

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For P6SMB Found Datasheets File :: 122+       Page :: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | <13> |   

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Part: P6SMB100AT3
Maker: MOT
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Stock: Reserved
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